“Even though your mood is sometimes worse than mine”

“You are the only one that waits for me when I’m coming late.”

“I even miss your smell when I have my car washed.”

“I love singing to you so you fall asleep.”

Animal Care

When female dogs suffer from pseudo-pregnancy or false pregnancy, neutering is recommended to avoid mastitis, tumors and genital infections. [+]
Puppies’ breastfeeding.
It lasts between 40 to 60 days. It normally does not need assistance except it is noticeable that puppies cry a lot during the first or second [+]

Patagonia Pet’s proposal is based on letting more and more pets improve their quality of life, having access to a highly nutritional diet. That is why we develop products with excellent quality and internationally competitive, which let us access to the most demanding markets, regarding both health and commerce.